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Escape Fully Into Story

We pair treats and hobbies with stories that are available for free via podcast platforms. Each PodPair™ box brings you goodies designed to immerse you fully into the story experience.

Like what?

Well, it could be a box of the same food and drink the characters enjoy. Or maybe a puzzle made from custom artwork featuring scenes from the story...or puzzles, candles, jewelry...anything that brings you right into the tale.


Our goal is to release you from your everyday for a little while, and then return you to life refreshed and renewed.

That's the power of a story experience.

New Release: Grandma Rambo Puzzle

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"Chocolate and Joy"

Holiday pairings for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas

When I received this, it was nicely packed and my wife, kids and family love it. I ended up ordering two more for my mother and grandmother to enjoy. Would recommend again!

Vito R.

As an avid podcast listener, lover of stories and big fan of snacks, I was delighted to learn of this opportunity to enjoy a story whilst simultaneously snacking on the same treats as the characters. This PodPair is a genius concept! I ordered the Chocolate & Joy Christmas box and shortly thereafter, a fun package was delivered. I read the enclosed synopsis, made the hot cocoa, opened the can o' Christmas Crack and tuned into the episode on iTunes Podcasts. This indulgence of the senses was a welcome reprieve from the world. The gingerbread cookie was yummy, too!

Michelle T.

Coming Soon...

All of our pairings are currently to scripted podcast stories. We're also curating pairings with TV/streaming shows and films! Join the mailing list to be notified of new pairings as they become available.

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