MOTHER'S DAY GIFT BOX with "Chocolate and Joy 3 - Mother's Day" - SOLD OUT

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This is the most unique gift you'll find for the mom in your life! 

There's not another Mother's Day gift out there like this! The pieces in this gift box are all featured in the scripted podcast story "Chocolate and Joy 3 - Mother's Day." Tell your mama to take an hour off to enjoy a story and all the treats in this box. 

We'll also include instructions for how she can access the show for free on her phone, computer, or audio device.  

This gift is appropriate for all moms - birth, adopted, bonus, substitute, intended, unintended - whoever loves you with the unconditional love of a mom will enjoy this gift and story.

What's In The Box:

Tree of Life Necklace

This necklace and earring set come in a pink satin bag and bear the image of the Tree of Life - a beautiful reminder of the life mother figures bring to the ones they love. In the story, Charley gifts this necklace to Jack's mother, Robin, to signify the "twisty" mother/daughter-like bond that has developed. Choose pewter or brushed bronze finish. 

 Tree of Life Necklace in pewter Tree of Life necklace bronze finish

Custom Soaps from Buff City

In the story, Charley tells Robin she loves the soaps in her guest bathroom. Now you can have that soap! Buff City Soap Co. has partnered with PodPair™ to dazzle mamas with a bar of "Sugar Cookie" soap. It gives off delicate hints of coconut, pink sugar, oatmeal, and honey when lathered. As a bonus, you'll also get a single-use laundry packet of Aqua Spa scent, perfect for those who don't want to wash their clothes in chemicals but instead enjoy a three-ingredient detergent that lets citric acid and coconut soap do the work. 

Buff City package of soap for Chocolate and Joy Mother's Day PodPair Box

Key Lime Cookies from Christie's Cookies in Southwest Florida

We knew listeners of this show would want to taste the Key Lime Cookies that Robin teaches Charley to make, using limes from her own lime tree in the backyard. So, we've included a packet of two in the box! If you want more, don't despair. They're from Christie's Cookies right here in Southwest Florida.  

Key Lime Cookies from Christie's Cookies

About the Story:

"Chocolate and Joy - Mother's Day" is the third installment in the "Chocolate and Joy" podcast show, though it can be listened to as a stand-alone story.

In this episode, Jack invites his girlfriend Charley to come with him to Marco Island and meet his mother. This is a tender issue for Charley since her own parents passed away in a car accident five years ago. Charley doesn't want to disappoint Jack (and who would turn down a trip to an island?) but she's not sure quite how to navigate the waters of a new mother-like relationship until she meets the gentle, wise Robin. 

Meanwhile, back in Jane's Holler, Betsy Mae is busily planning the Magnificent Mamapalooza at Charley's bakery under the watchful eye of Charley's best friend, Evie. Little do they realize that motherhood is about to create a doozy of a palooza. 

Ultimately, this show celebrates the timeless truth that motherhood is good, in all its forms.