PUZZLE with "Grandma Rambo" Podcast

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Enjoy working this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle as you listen to the scripted podcast comedy "Grandma Rambo!"

Gifted painter Nancy Iannitelli painted this beautiful image using elements from the story. We had her painting digitized and turned into a puzzle. Now you can enjoy the relaxing experience of puzzle assembly while listening to an entertaining story!



About the Story:

Based on the novella Grandma Rambo by Pauline Hayton, this is the tale of spunky British ex-pat grandma Brenda Maxwell. Brenda beat breast cancer five years ago. Now, she's celebrating her 60th birthday!

Well, "celebrating" might be too enthusiastic of a word. "Observing" is more the case. While she was once an adventurous, globe-trotting woman, life has beaten Brenda down. She's tired and unsure how she can kickstart her life again.

It doesn't help that her husband spends every night watching NCIS re-runs and griping about life. 

Then, a dear friend makes it possible for Brenda to experience an adventure again. Off Brenda goes to Nagaland - a remote area of India where a rural school is in need of help. Little does Brenda realize that her Indian jaunt will soon involve her entire family...and a need for her to rise to the rescue. 

Where to Hear the "Grandma Rambo" Story:

The story is available FREE on all major podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc).

Additionally, your PodPair box comes with an online address for a direct link to listen.

Learn more about "Grandma Rambo" and find listen links HERE